8 Recommendations de Paul Thurston sur comment bien utiliser le design de services:

1. Make it organisational policy
Making user-centred design ‘how you work’ will ensure that service design is recognised and implemented across the organisation. Service design can be a new approach for government officials, and if it goes against ‘the way things are done around here’ it just won’t gain traction.

2. Use it to realise ideas
Think of service design as your research and development process. Service design offers a structured process towards innovation. It enables organisations to create a pipeline of new and innovative ideas that can then be refined into high impact solutions. Companies that have this as an internal capability thrive and the public sector is no different.

3. Recruit design managers with experience of it
The public sector needs people that are skilled and experienced in managing design projects. We don’t think that the public sector should be full of designers but working with people who understand the design process is key to bringing service design into your organisation. The public sector should work with HR teams to define job roles that better meet the skills and work environment required to deliver service design projects.

4. Use it for co-creation
Service design provides a framework in which collaborative working and co-creating can exist. By involving citizens and the service providers in the creation process it ensures that both the provider and the user will have more ownership over the service and that adoption of the new service is more likely.

5. Use it to develop strategy
Using service design as a method for developing organisational strategy, by doing so organisations can be assured that the strategy focuses on user needs, and that stakeholders have input into its development.

6. Use it to stimulate social enterprise
A thriving culture of social enterprise adds social and economic value to a region or city. The better designed the enterprise is the more likely it is to be successful and better at responding to local needs and challenges.

7. Build capacity to do it for yourself
We believe that service design should be added to every public sector organisations core training programmes. By making service design a core competency for staff in a service development role all public services will be designed within a structured and user-centred framework.

8. Use agile procurement to buy the right outcomes
Service design is a process that can result in innovative outcomes. Procurement systems need to work in a way that allows for this. Agile methods allow projects to respond to changing requirements. By splitting projects into phases and commissioning accordingly it will result in services that are more cost effective and efficient.

Pour voir l’article en entier: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/8-recommendations-how-public-sector-should-using-service-thurston

Si vous voulez en savoir plus sur Paul Thurson: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/paulthurston


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